How it works
Save A Table is an innovative way for restaurant owners to offer empty tables during generally slower times at a discount. The idea came from a locally owned restaurant wanting to give the customer savings and help locally owned restaurants fill tables at slower times.
Number 1
Use the search to find tables in your area that offer a discount for booking an empty table. Enter your zip code, table size, and desired date, then hit the search button.
Number 2
The results will display the restaurants closest to your zip code offering tables with a discount. Once you find your desired table and time, click the Book It link. Enter your Name, E-mail, Phone, and select the exact number of people that will be with you at the time of dining. (If you would like a text confirmation, check the text confirmation box. Your confirmation will then be sent via text message.)
Number 3
Arrive at the restaurant within 15 minutes of your reserved time and provide your server with the confirmation information from a print out or on your phone.
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